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Fire and Ice

Do you come here Hofn?

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Thu, July 11, 2013 22:19:43

So with Martin having arrived from the West and him being on a tighter schedule we decide to ride back the way we had come- at 90 kph.

Dum de dum. Barren post volcanic eruption plain- done that.

Dum de dum. Spectacular mountains and sea vistas- done that.

Dum de dum. Jokulsarlon- wow, hypnotising- and cake! Woohoo!

Post “bergs” we put our heads down and ploughed the klicks in, In all fairness the veiws were spectacular and for the most part the weather loads better.

Arriving once again in Hofn, we got the tents up while Martin booked in.

Peter the receptionist (a past resident of chester as it turned out) looked a mite bemused until we explained about our 3rd intrepid explorer. Pleased to see us, he extended the gift of paid internet access which was really good of him. So with wine in hand it was onto the net and FB.

Motolocos Viktorious Meetup

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Thu, July 11, 2013 21:37:28

We were due to meet Martin- member number 3 of our intrepid duo- in Vik at the campsite sometime in the evening, so andiamo!

The ride sent us across the flood plain of an under glacieal (is that a real word, lol) volcanic eruption in ’96 which resulted in millions of gallons of water being released to the sea. Unfortunately my piccies of the resultant devastation i wiped acidentally so you can go look in Zebbs gallery.

Not a bad ride all in all and we halted our bikes at the entrance to the campsite. The two elements started travelling a week apart, coming to Vik from opposite ends of the island and pull up within a minute of each other. How is that for (pure luck) organisation 🙂 We are being asked to launch a rover to Mars in the near future.

Martin being the executive branch of Motoloco pursuaded us to hang up our Bear Grills adventure trousers for the night so we all book in the hotel. It was great crack, catching up with a lifelong friend and (not that i had any doubts at all) the 3 of us just gelling.

Routa Uno

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:39:33

28062013 Routa Uno

We got to pack up the tents in the dry- just- so I was speaking to Zebb again. Todays’ target was Jokulsarlon, a mere hop, skip and jump away.

I’m not being mean when I don’t go into detail of the ride and scenery, but in the end superlatives lose their impact. Every bend in the road presented another magnificent, unbelievable vista. With the Gopros running flat out, hopefully one day you will all be let into the secret that is ours at present.


I was hypnotised. The majesty, the beauty, the poetry of competing forces of nature vying for dominance. With the iceberg nursery one side of the road and the North Atlantic on the other, welcome to Motolocos’ first wild camp. WE camped on the Atlantic side of the road, and as is our modus operandi we leave no impact on the local environment upon our departure.

The place is magical and most probably the most beautiful place I have visited. The glacial melt trying to exit the lagoon and the incoming tide, capture the escaping icebergs and herd them into the shore of the lagoon where they spin languorously until one or the other gains dominance- the turning tide deciding the winner. The “bergs” bob down the channel to the waiting North Atlantic, where they are mercilessly beaten to death.

Stay tuned to Motoloco Celebrities on Ice (bergs) in the Desert.

Day 1 on The Rock

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:38:12

Iceland, Iceland, so good they named it twice (well no, they didn’t actually)


So here we were Iceland- Land of Fire and Ice. Looking at our docking point it was certainly living up to the Ice bit. There was none of this 6 years ago when I was here last, and I was wondering if I had brought enough cold weather gear. The snow was still hanging around right to the coast and not too far above sea level either. Too late now- up and attem.

We were meeting Martin in Vik in a couple of days’ time and with me not having done the south coast off we went- andiamo! We had juiced up in Denmark in preparation to being reamed here, but in actual fact the petrol price is not that ridiculous 245isk a ltr. From Seyjisfjordur through to Egilsstadir we were off the ground and riding through some rather chilly mountains- it was that chilly I nearly had to put something other than my vest on under my bike jacket- thankfully I’m English and try to refrain from that “Jonny Foreigner” behaviour- matron would of slapped my legs and no mistake. We got our bearing in town and forged south without a moments delay. Out on the 92 and onto the 96 we reached the coast quicker than if we had just stuck with the 1, “ THE” main road in Iceland.

With stunning scenery to our right, and the sea to our left we sat there in almost nice weather putting in the miles to our first stop at Hofn- pronounce Hoof (Why? I have not the faintest feckin idea). As ever when you are enjoying yourself motorcycling (adventure- optional) the weather moved in and pee’d on our parade. I feckin hate erecting my tent in the rain, but at 80 euro for a cabin, tent it was. In time the weather cleared and we told ourselves off for being to hasty. Well actually I told Zebb off cos I was up for a cabin J.

Hirtshalls- Seyjisfjordur

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:36:08

The ferry: Hirtshalls- Denmark to Thingy- Iceland (Okay okay) Seydisfjordur- Iceland.

My idea of the ferry was 60 excruciating hours I could have been riding. Oh how wrong you were Paul Henry (Mawson L [me dad] usually employed the title Paul Henry when I was in trouble. Normally having been blown up by my sister for something she had done).

Directed into the “bikers” lane at the ferry- oh now, should that be the” adventure bikers” lane as we were bound for Iceland- the introductions began. Pascal and Sabine from Switzerland on their BMW F650 GS Dakar, Harald on his 950 KTM Adventure riding with Gebbart on his fully specced GS1200Adv from Austria, Yuri from Russia on his 700 Transalp. All with one mission in mind- to get off Iceland in one piece, lol.

The crossing was as smooth as silk and far better than we could have hoped for. Would the Cruel Sea with the masterful Jack Hawkins at the wheel, been the film it was if the sea was silky smooth- The Calm Sea? I think not!

Harald and Gebbart were expressing the desire to ride Morocco, but could not get the necessary time off. I said if they paid my expenses, I would fly to Vienna, pick up a van with their bikes and drive it to a location in Morocco, where they could then blat around to their hearts content. On completion I would collect their bikes, drive the van back to Liverpool where I would strip the bikes and van and sell them for parts. They were all smiles listening to this, so the look on their chops when the penny dropped- PRICELESS!

Beer on board an eye watering 5.50 a half litre, but we were here so down it went. The grub was expensive in places but the steak house on board was superb and got our patronage both evenings. All in all a very pleasant experience, thanks boys and girl for your company.

The disembarkation was a dream and (with 20/20 hindsight) a missed opportunity to get some much needed alkyhol onto the Island. Hey ho, you win some, you lose some.

On to Denmark

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:31:27

On to Denmark,

What can you say about a boring, damp, slow ride that will put a smile on someones face? Denmark is, erm, well, Denmark I suppose. Beautiful in places, but damp and overcast all day, the best we can say is Fjord campsite is in a beautiful location and the weather had at least perked up slightly for us to pitch our tents in the dry- the standout moment of a long boring day. Being the longest day there were mini festivals everywhere, where people built bonfires to symbolise the burning of witches on this holy day. Always sponges for a bit of local culture, me and Zebb were in the (empty) pub, having a few beers. Back to the camp and sleep.

Next morning saw the weather holding back till we had packed the tents after a mixed night of squalls and high winds. I really will have to find some Milk of Magnesia. On we went though and easily hit our target of Hirtshals, our departure point for Iceland.

For a ferry town it was very nice. Quite quaint and with a bit of personality. We booked into a room, sorted out a bike shop and ordered a set of road tyres for my return from Iceland as well as a few emergency nuts and bolts, fuses, washers, etc. Off to a bar for happy hour (16.00 to 19.00) and tuborg at 1.20quid a bottle- result!! I left there speaking quite fluent Danish- to my ear any way- straight to the pizza shop (good pizza, just beer goggles size ordered).

Leaving England

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Sun, June 30, 2013 19:29:07

So then, there I was in the Shetlands with a poorly bike and a battery on charge for god knows how long. Best have a beer as I cannot get out with the boys and sightsee. Turned out to be a great rally and Hippy Dave managed to escape with only two suspected broken ribs (I was playing, lol. Hope to God I never dislike you Hippy J ). People will have already reported on the carnage that was the Simmer Dim so I’ll stay with with my errant Tenere. Susie brought my battery back the morning of departure so I decided to strike for home and not seek help in Aberdeen- thanks anyway Bubbles- and it nearly paid off, I got to Bootle before requesting the RAC to finish my journey. The plan was for me to start stripping the two XT’s and and swopping alternaters, but the journey had me nearly hallucinating with tiredness so it was wine, bath, bed.

Early next morning Zebb arrived and we hit both bikes with Gusto- I suggested allen keys but Zebb is an electrician and wouldn’t hear of it. A combined effort employing my surgeon like mechanical fitting skills rescuing the gasket off the bikes and Zebbs electrical skills saw the XT live again.

The morning of departure…….

Bike packed an uber calm affair unlike me normally running around like a headless chicken and off to Zebbs for an escorted departure care of Tommo. Whilst there I remembered my towel hanging on the line so went back for it when the XT threw another wobbler leaking petrol everywhere. Feck everything we just went, the trip through Liverpool being a complete pain in the arse, but eventually it cleared and has kept away since.

On to the Sim

OOH is it Broke ? Posted on Mon, June 24, 2013 20:02:42

With an arse resembling a blood orange (hey come on it is a few years since i’ve done miles on this bike). It was an uneventful ride up to Aberdeen were we all got the bikes on the boat before a few beers at the Quarter Deck.

Ferry, yeah yeah, boring, beer, crap sleep, great smoooooth crossing though.

Woo hoo, Shetland! Planning to visit the coop for brekkie, everyone was invited to Steve Henrys (and the lovely Mrs H of course). Apparently it happens every year and is a great start to a great weekend. Thank you both very much smiley.

With lots planned for the weekend a group ventured out on the first trip- to Twatt. The fun begins when my bike stalls and will not turn over. Bumpstarting it i go back to the campsite and hit the ale.

When Rod has a chance he gives the bike the once over- FUBAR. Battery very dead two circuits of my alty dead. Thats my travelling over- with my Iceland trip only days away.

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